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November 02, 2012


10 year old, Stephanie Masapollo from Washington Township, Gloucester County started thinking about all the children that may have lost their costumes due to Hurricane Sandy and decided she needed to try and help.  She is urging friends, classmates, TV Stations to help spread the word to their viewers.  She is hoping stores that sell costumes will donate and people will donate so she can get these costumes in those in need especially to the kids in the hardest hit areas like Atlantic City, Seaside Heights devastated towns throughout Northern , NJ. Her goal is to make sure that every child that needs a costume gets one.

Stephanie is very aware of accomplishing this daunting task in such a short amount of time however she will not be deterred.  According to her father Steve Masapollo, “Stephanie is mature beyond her years; has a big heart and believes in what she is trying to accomplish. Stephanie never gives up no matter what she is doing…whether it’s Karate, Washington Township Girls softball, school work, Girl Scouts or singing in the choir or solo. 

According to Stephanie,” She realizes that without the word reaching the people it will be very hard to accomplish however she believes that it is very important that every child effected by Sandy deserves to have a costume and have fun.”  Right now we have very little time, need to get the word out and need more collection sites.   At this time, the only collection will be at SolarWorks NJ--900 Route 168, Suite A-5 in Turnersville, NJ.  “We’re hoping a store like Target or restaurant like Carrabba’s will help us out.

Stephanie is confident if she can get the word out people will respond.  “Washington Township and the surrounding areas have nice, charitable people who care.”

Friday we hope to have a link on our web site: for drop off hours and other pertinent information.

Thank you everyone,

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