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April 10, 2012


Turnersville, NJ – SolarWorks NJ (SWNJ) proudly announces their April Lease Special which will cover New Jersey homeowners’ first three leasing payments, if residents sign a solar energy lease in April.

How can a home owner receive solar energy lease payments free? Residents sign up for a free solar consultation and site analysis that consists of a SWNJ representative calculating the best and most cost effective solar energy system for their home. Residents must sign a lease agreement during the month of April to receive their first three leasing payments free.  This is equivalent to SWNJ paying three months of your electric bill!

SWNJ, one of the oldest solar installers in New Jersey, with proven expertise in designing, building, and managing residential and commercial solar energy projects,recently added a leasing program that gives affordable options to homeowners considering the switch to solar energy.

Besides free leasing on solar energy for the first three months, SWNJ can save customers thousands of dollars on electric bills and increase the property value of their homes when leasing a solar energy system.

Under the new residential leasing option, customers can choose between three different payment plans – a zero down payment plan, a down payment plan or a prepaid lease plan, all of which make solar energy an affordable option for any budget.  Contact a sales consultant for more information on SWNJ and their leasing options. 

Founded in 2003, SolarWorks NJ provides full-service renewable energy solutions to residential, commercial and agricultural clients in the Tri-State area.  SolarWorks NJ remains dedicated to the advancing of the PV industry by offering our clients commercially viable and environmentally green energy solutions that produce electricity.  SolarWorks NJ offers leading and quality products, the best practices for installation methods, individualized service, the greatest possible return on investment, environmental impact and overall satisfaction for our clients.