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November 03, 2011

SolarWorks NJ, one of the oldest solar integrators in New Jersey, with proven expertise in designing, building, and managing residential and commercial solar energy projects, is proud to announce they are offering an SREC Guarantee Program. 

Hire SolarWorks NJ to build your solar energy system, and receive a guaranteed price for SRECs during the first two SREC Energy years the system is in operation. If SREC prices fall below $250.00, SolarWorks NJ will make up the short fall.        

Home owners and business owners looking to go solar, can calculate a guaranteed payback on their investment during those 2 years.  

SolarWorks NJ believes the volatility of the SREC market is temporary and SREC values will rise over time.  With the 30% Federal Energy Grant scheduled to expire at the end of the year, there has been a glut of commercial projects being registered with NJCEP.  This “bubble” of projects has closed the gap between the amount of clean energy required by the NJ State Legislature (the demand) and the amount of clean energy being produced (the supply).  What controls the SREC pricing is the gap between supply and demand.  There is legislation in place that will eliminate the 2012 benchmark and go right to the 2013 energy year benchmark; thereby increasing the “gap” and raising SREC values.   

According to CEO, Steve Masapollo, “Installing a solar energy system still remains a great investment.  People moving forward with solar electric projects have the foresight of knowing that electric rates will most definitely rise and their savings from going solar electric will only increase with time.  SREC revenue is a plus to the benefits of going solar electric but one cannot lose sight of the overall economic benefit to eliminating or reducing an electric bill forever."

SolarWorks NJ is acutely aware of the concern that homeowners and companies have regarding the recent drop in SREC prices.  “By offering this guarantee we believe that this will help their concern and will bridge the gap that this SREC wrinkle has brought so they can buy with confidence,” says Masapollo.   

SolarWorks NJ also offers special financing as well for home owners and businesses.  For larger businesses they offer PPA/Ownership programs.  The 30% Federal Energy Grant is set to expire December 31, 2011.

Please contact SolarWorks NJ for more information regarding the SREC Guarantee Program.  The program will be offered for a limited time.

P: 856.232.6363