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October 14, 2011

TURNERSVILLE, NJ – SolarWorks NJ, LLC, one of the oldest solar integrators in New Jersey, with proven expertise in designing, building, and managing small and large-scale renewable energy power projects, is proud to announce they contracted with Anchor Produce to install an 11.52 kW solar energy system.   

SolarWorks NJ will be installing a Power Plus System, a solar energy system coupled with an energy conservation device.  The Power Plus System can reduce the electric load of the facility up to an additional 15%.     

The solar energy system will be a non-penetrating, ballasted system that will cover the roof of Anchor Produce’s Long Beach Island store.  The solar array will generate over 13,000 kilowatt hours annually, offsetting a portion of their electric usage and cost.

Anchor Produce will receive a 30% Federal Energy Grant from the United States Treasury Department to help finance the system cost.  Additionally, they will receive Solar Renewable Energy Credits or SRECs for producing renewable energy.