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According to the CEO of SolarWorks NJ, Steve Masapollo, his company is "spinning backwards". For most company's that would present a major problem but for SolarWorks NJ it means business is good! "Most business owners and homeowners do not realize that their electric meter can also be made to spin backwards. Not only is it legal it can also save hundreds and in many cases thousands of dollars " according to Mr. Masapollo.

Most homeowners and business' are so used to seeing their electric meter spin forward and are resigned to paying their electric bills. Now through a solar energy system you can spin your meter backwards and save significantly. A homeowner with a 2500 square foot house over 10 years can save $24,000. A business with a 250 kW solar energy system can save over $50,000 per year on their electric costs.
Businesses are able through State Rebates, Federal Tax Credits, depreciation and other incentives to acquire a system at a $0.00 on a tax cost basis. Homeowners as well can have 60%-70% of their purchase price rebated by the state.

Jean Cordasco, SolarWorks NJ tells us "Most people are unaware of the benefits of a solar energy system that can be obtained through the current net-metering program. The fact of the matter is that New Jersey has one of the best Renewable Energy programs in the country offering substantial incentives to consumers and businesses."