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March 26, 2003

SolarWorks NJ has just concluded negotiations to install an 85kW Solar Electric System on a South Jersey Medical Center. This installation will feature over 450 of Sharp's esthetic 140-watt rectangular and 70-watt triangular modules mounted on a hip roof thus preserving the architectural beauty of the medical center. It will produce over 95,000 kWh and offset the emissions of 40 cars for each year it operates. This installation is significant for several reasons as it will be the first commercial Renewable Energy installation in the Voorhess area and is the first medical center in South Jersey to "Go Green".

According to SolarWorks NJ CEO, Steve Masapollo "We were able, working within the parameters set by the Federal Government and the State of New Jersey, to provide this system at $0.00 on a tax cost basis. This is possible due to NJ State Rebates, Federal Tax Credits, Accelerated Depreciation and other incentives. Imagine a company offering you a $500,000 system with these favorable terms and that system allows you to substantially reduce the cost of your electric bill and help protect the environment."

SolarWorks NJ designs and installs systems for any commercial entity or residence. Steve Masapollo, CEO is not surprised by the company's fast growth.
According to SolarWorks NJ's CEO, Steve Masapollo "The hardest part is convincing a prospective client is that this is true. I understand this as it does sound too good to be true".

"Most people are unaware of the benefits of a solar energy system that can be obtained through the current net-metering program. The fact of the matter is that New Jersey has one of the best Renewable Energy programs in the country offering substantial incentives to consumers and businesses."

SolarWorks NJ just finished designing a 500 kW system, which is the first phase of what will eventually become a 3.1 MW project. This project when completed will be one of the nations largest and the largest in New Jersey.