Let's Get Real Here. You've Heard It All Before—Right?
Not So Fast. Listen Up.

ENDS April 17th…Limited Amount of Federal Funds.

First of all we have over 20 combined years of solar experience. We know what works and what does not. This is for a Profit or Non-Profit entity.

We are contacting farms in your state to offer a solar finance program. The program is a 10 year lease for a solar PV system that is installed on and delivers power to your farm. Under this program, the lessor retains the FEDERAL TAX CREDITS AND DEPRECIATION AND USES THEM TO REDUCE YOUR LEASE PAYMENTS. The lease rate can lower your current electricity cost and it never increases.

More importantly, YOU KEEP THE SREC'S, GRANTS, AND ALL OTHER INCENTIVES created by the solar array and all of the income they produce. Factoring in the income you earn from the sale of your SREC's and the credits for the ITC and depreciation, your generated electricity net cost is $0.031- $.05 in New Jersey.

The Solar Program is underwritten by the Farm Administration, it is administered by our Development Company, and it is only available to farms or farm related entities like yours.

Only certified installers and Tier-1 equipment are used for your solar PV system. The lease includes a ten year installation warranty and a 25 year solar panel performance guarantee.

We would like to send you a free no-obligation Bank quote, contract, and analysis. If you would like to receive them, please send me a copy of your electric bills from the past year for all of your meters, your contact information, and the address of your farm(s). It will take 4 to 5 days to receive the documents from the bank.

There is no cost for the quote and there is no obligation to buy.

There are no up front out of pocket costs to the farmer under this program. The first payment made by the farmer is for the first lease payment that is due at the end of the first month of the lease.

Please contact Steve Masapollo to get started or with any questions at 1-866 456 SOLAR (7652).